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Adult Acne Woes and How to Combat Them

Adult acne is a lot more common than you might think. In fact, many individuals who were lucky enough to miss acne during their teenage years develop acne in their adult lives. We are sorry to report that there is no age restriction to one of the world’s most common skin conditions. One of the problems with adult acne is that instead of being embarrassed that our prom photos won’t look perfect, we now have to worry about what we will look like at important work meetings or meeting our partner’s parents for the first time.

Adults don’t have the time and energy to fret over acne. That is why we believe in a simple, holistic approach to acne care that is both effective and easy to use. With this in mind, here are some common adult acne woes and how to combat them.

The Misconception that Adults Don’t get Acne

As we sorrowfully admitted in the introduction, just because you have reached your 20’s and beyond does not mean that acne is in your rearview mirror. We often associate acne with hormonal changes, poor hygiene, and other factors that are common in adolescence. Many of these factors are accurate, yet we neglect to mention the fact that hormonal changes and poor hygiene are not limited to a certain age range.

As we will discuss below, the root causes of acne can come from both internal and external sources. Adults of all ages are still susceptible to acne regardless of any prior history. Recent reports place the number of women over the age of 25 who deal with some form of acne at approximately 54 percent

What Causes Adult Acne?

Now that we understand that acne can impact kids, adolescents, and adults, let’s explore what causes acne. It is important to understand that your body does not flip a switch when you hit a certain age. The causes of acne for teenagers are much the same as the causes of acne for adults, including:

  • Rapid hormonal shifts: there is certainly truth that hormones can play a key role in the development or worsening of acne symptoms. This can result from stressful situations, illnesses, periods, pregnancy, and much more.
  • Poor hygiene: while hygiene is often overplayed as the primary cause of acne, it can absolutely be a factor. The root cause of adult acne is clogged pores. One of the best ways to avoid clogged pores is to practice good hygiene habits.
  • Family history: your acne might be beyond your control. There is a reason some of your friends seem to have flawless skin after falling asleep with their makeup on and your skin breaks out if you look at it wrong!
  • Using the wrong skin care products: skincare products which lead to inflammation or can clog your pores may be contributing to your acne woes. Try to choose products with low comedogenic ratings, meaning that they are less likely to clog pores.

The Unique Problems Facing Young Adults with Acne

Whether we like it or not, everyone on this planet is judged for their physical appearance. Unfortunately, this means that stressing about skin problems like acne as a young professional can be a genuine problem. Not only does adult acne have the propensity to cause physical discomfort, but it also comes packaged alongside a slew of potentially negative emotional effects

It is not uncommon for sufferers of adult acne to experience symptoms of low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and a perception of loneliness. If you are experiencing any of these or any other negative emotional effects stemming from acne, we recommend taking care of both your body and your mind. The acne will pass with the help of targeted acne treatment. It is even more important to seek help dealing with any emotional issues that may arise in the meantime. 

Holistic Solutions to Acne Breakouts

Acne is more than skin deep. Consider that several of the causes of acne, including family history, hormonal changes, and even diet are not directly linked to skin health. That is exactly why complete acne solutions should strive to treat both surface acne symptoms and their underlying causes. Halo Clear holistic acne solutions uses subdermal technology to penetrate the skin and deliver the treatment to eradicate acne. Our products attack inflammation which can cause that vicious cycle of repeat breakouts.

We also believe that a holistic approach to acne should include supplementation. Our oral supplements support acute treatment by providing daily nutrients to keep your skin healthy and strong. Not only will these products relieve your acne, but they are also designed to lead to glowing, youthful skin!

Halo Clear Delivers Simple, Holistic, and Complete Acne Care

Adult acne is not in anyone’s plans. It can range from being a slight inconvenience to a major life altering event. At Halo Clear, our unique acne fighting system is tailor made for young adults looking for holistic, effective, and affordable solutions. We understand that you don’t have time to worry about acne. That is exactly why our products are designed to be both simple and effective. To experience the difference yourself, explore our catalog of products or read more about our story today!

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