Acne Myths: Do Hormones Contribute to Acne?

The Internet. If you take to the internet with a problem or a concern you are likely to find you have 24 hours left to live. 

There is so much advice and so many solutions out there that send us all into a frenzy of crazy regimens, odd DIY solutions, and even will have you deprived of chocolate and that is just cruel! However, we would like to let you in on a little secret: not everything you read online is true. There are plenty of myths out there, especially when it comes to skincare, and we just have to separate the myths from the truth. 

Today, we would like to look deeper into the idea that hormones contribute to acne. Is this another myth aiming to add stress and paranoia to the lives of women, in particular, or will it be proven true? For many women, they tend to thank  “that time of the month” for the pimple party on their face. But could there be another reason that her skin is acting out? Or is it actually safe to say that there is a link between hormones and acne. 

Do Hormones Contribute to Acne? 

Short answer: yes, acne is very much triggered by hormones, causing it to make a grand entrance for men and women at any stage in their lives.

Dealing with acne is not easy; simply the worst! It is very tempting to pop and pick away at the pesky pimples making a home on your skin; leaving scars and dark marks on the surface. However, before making the problem worse, it is important to remember that treating acne is not a skin deep job. To develop a long-term solution it can be helpful to understand what is happening first, not only to the outside of your body, but more importantly what’s happening on the inside.One major contributing factor being hormones. It is safe to attribute hormones to the cause of acne, because of how the skin reacts and develops in response to hormonal changes. The rate at which the body begins to produce sebum (oil) is tied to the hormonal balance, which fluctuates at different times and in different environments.  

Are women more prone to hormonal acne?

Sorry ladies, acne is more of a prevalent issue for adult women than it is for men. There are many hormonal changes that women experience throughout their adult life. From the menstrual cycle to pregnancy and postpartum, the hormones experience a lot of fluctuations that can trigger acne breakouts. As women grow older, the decrease in estrogen levels, once they begin to experience menopause or even perimenopause, is another hormonal fluctuation that may increase the risk for acne. 

For men, however, as they reach adulthood the oil production tends to regulate as do their hormones. Testosterone works in their favor, as it increases the thickness of the skin in men. As a result, they tend to wrinkle less with age. 

If Hormones Are the Cause, Can You Actually Get Rid of Acne?

This is a fair question because hormones can’t be controlled. Therefore, the acne must also be out of your control, right? Wrong. While hormones are certainly not something that can be controlled, they can be influenced by lifestyle and diet. Of course, this is easier said than done, however, cutting out simple sugars, such as soda or candy, and dairy products, especially skim and low fat, as much as possible can help regulate your hormones. If cutting cold turkey is just not in the cards, we understand! Maybe let’s try cutting back at least? Baby steps, like avoid walking by the snack table in the office and bring in your own yummy, low sugar snacks. Hey, nobody said it was easy! You can also consider swapping things out for natural ingredients that contain anti-inflammatory properties to assist with a hormonal balance. Be the person with snacks at their desk (since we’re avoiding the snack table now) and instead of sour gummy worms to get you through the 3 p.m. slump whip out some fresh cherries! See? We know you got this! Just think baby steps, moderation, clear and beautiful skin!

 Additionally, making lifestyle changes, such a regular sleep and exercise can only help. Before you say it, we know this may be even more difficult. What is sleep, right? But maybe it will help if we frame it this way: beauty rest. We get it, you are working hard making deadlines, getting the kids together, or starting a new business venture, but a regular sleep schedule will not only help influence hormonal balance but will leave you feeling refreshed and sharp. Another lifestyle change that can help is exercise. This can look like anything: walking more, at home stretching, informal team sports. Just being active helps improve hormonal balance, and who knows, it can be a lot of fun!

Diet and lifestyle change may not work effectively alone, however. Going to speak with a dermatologist is a great option to point you in the right direction of possible vitamins and medications to take (or maybe even stop taking). A common example is with birth control; it can help regulate your hormones or send them into a frenzy. If you notice that acne is at an all-time high since you began taking a specific medication or birth control, it may be the case that that is not the correct option for you, depending on the individual. 

Understanding the products that you choose to incorporate into your skincare routine is an effective tool to rid yourself of hormonal acne. Reading the labels of the skincare products that you choose are crucial. Keep an eye out for products that treat your skin delicately, taking a holistic approach and not treating the acne as just a skin-deep issue. Find ingredients that penetrate below the skin’s surface with anti-inflammatory ingredients that are not harsh on your skin. 

Develop a skincare routine that is best for you. Each individual is different and their hormones fluctuate at different times of their lives, therefore there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Paying attention to your body and your skin will help you identify when your hormones will fluctuate and what special attention your body will need. This is not to tell you how to live your life and deprive you of the foods that you know and love, however, it is to remind you to be mindful of what you consume. Here at Halo Clear, we believe in beauty from the inside and out. With hormonal acne, it is largely about the inside and how you treat the root of the problem that will affect how the skin reacts and improves. 

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